How To Perform A Physical Inspection When Buying Used Forklifts

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forkliftinspectThese equipment are very helpful in increasing the productivity of your company’s processes. Because of its application and unique features most of the new models do tend to be very expensive and therefore buying a new model form the manufacturer may not always be the best solution for you or your company. If you are looking to by these for a short term use, daily use but only for a couple of hours or for lifting about 2000- 4000 pounds of loads then a buying a used or previously owned model may be a better option.

Here before making the final deal you need to consider a few things. This would be like the company manufacturer warranty period, service history and purpose for buying the machine. Once you have narrowed down your selection based on that the next step you should take is performing the physical inspection. Here you need to analyze and inspect all the forklift parts and check for any concerns like damages or the need for renovations. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to.


Make sure that the tires have tread left in them. If not it wouldn’t maneuver properly and this could lead to dangerous accidents for both the diver, other workers standing and to your products.

The mast

You have to make sure that there are no severe external damages to the mask. Huge damages may cause a hindrance to its application as moving the mast up and down could be difficult. Therefore checking the mask is a vital part in the physical inspection.


This is another important aspect to keep in mind when inspecting forklift parts during the physical inspection. As a safety rule keep in mind to always check if the gears, controls and the breaks are all working properly. If the machine is still in good shape then these should be quick responsive and the breaks especially should perform well under sudden changes and pressures.

Don’t be fooled

Check the paint and see if there is rust or peeling paint. Also check for bubbles under the paint. This will help you get and ideal about the external exterior of the machine. If you do spot these issues then move on to the next option. It should also be noted that the hour meter can easily be replaced / changed to show less used hours for a machine so be cautions of that as well. Of course this would be much of a problem if you are purchasing a second hand machines from reputed sellers or companies.

Since this will be the last chance you get to inspect and ensure that this will full fill your needs without casing you extra costs it’s advised that you have a mechanic with you to make this inspection. Take note of what the mechanic says and the find out about the potential of the machine. This will definitely help you to make a better decision when purchasing used forklifts. Most these part can be replaced so if the machine is in god condition then all you will need is to find a good dealer that can offer you good replacement parts to the machine. These dealers can be found online as well therefore finding the best will not be difficult.